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Reading with children to improve communication and early literacy skills

Recently on our new early learning web series “Mat Time” we interviewed speech and language therapist Amanda White about using books to develop communication and literacy skills. Amanda told us that it’s never too early to start reading with children...

/ June 28, 2016

Quick and easy recipes for sensory play

Here are a bunch of resources for sensory play ideas that are so easy for you to make yourself! You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time creating exciting sensory and play materials for children to spend hours...

/ June 18, 2016

How to get the most out of your study tour to Reggio Emilia

  No one in Reggio wants to teach others how to “do school.” What we seek to do rather is to try and deepen our understanding, together with others, of why it was possible in Reggio Emilia for an (educational)...

/ April 10, 2016

10 tips to keep your children safe online

Sharon Carlson of CORE Education is an experienced teacher and specialist in the area of cybersafety and digital learning. This blog post written by Sharon draws on her years of experience and the latest practices in ECE. Internet capable devices have...

/ September 21, 2015

We use Storypark! Downloadable resources

Have you seen our new resources for people who use Storypark? They include a printable poster, Storypark logos for print and web, and ‘We use Storypark’ badges for print and web. The resources are for ECE services to use on...

/ May 4, 2015

10 Great Apps for Early Childhood Development

Education is on shifting ground as technology has made it possible to connect, record and educate children with more and more exciting tools. With so many tools and apps available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Many “educational” apps...

/ November 29, 2012