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More exciting science activities for young children

Our team of early childhood educators have created a new range of DIY science activities for you to try with your children, at home or in your centre. For more early learning inspiration, subscribe to the Storypark YouTube channel <=

/ November 28, 2016

Resources to support children after an earthquake

A large earthquake is an extremely terrifying and unsettling act of nature that even we as adults, can find impacts on us in the days and weeks afterwards. It is only to be expected then, that children of all ages...

/ November 13, 2016

Easy, healthy and delicious food for young children

It can be a tireless task coming up with fun and interesting ways to present nutritious meals, but these recipes are all easy, healthy and delicious food for young children. Eating food involves not only taste, but also smell, sight,...

/ October 10, 2016

Toddlers and the lessons we can learn from them

Toddlers are magical, mysterious, mischievous, and interesting characters. If emotions were seasons, toddlers would certainly live up to the saying “four seasons in one day“, except there would be many, many seasons that unfold in any day. They have mountains...

/ September 28, 2016

The Power of the Word (Teaching inspiration from the voice of Blinky Bill)

“You can give children a life-sentence that is empowering, or a life-sentence that is disempowering.” For our early learning web series Mat Time we talked to Robyn Moore, who created the voice of the iconic Australian cartoon character, Blinky Bill, about...

/ September 4, 2016

Yoga and mindfulness for children

Yoga and mindfulness are so valuable for both children and adults alike, especially children who have experienced trauma. For our early learning web series Mat Time we caught up with Nicky, who has taught yoga to refugee children in refugee...

/ August 22, 2016

Ways to help families feel a sense of belonging in your learning service

As educators, we understand the importance of ensuring that children develop a sense of belonging when starting at our learning service. We are equipped with knowledge, strategies, skills and confidence when supporting young children as their sense of belonging develops over...

/ August 17, 2016

The Gut-Brain Connection (Nutrition in Early Childhood)

Ask many children today where they think food comes from and their answer will be ‘the supermarket’. Whole food eating for families is one of the best things we can do for children to have a healthy diet. A good...

/ August 10, 2016

Experimenting with science for kindergarten and early learning

Children are natural scientists, always asking why, endlessly curious about the world around them. There are infinite ways we as educators can ignite their imaginations and feed their natural desire to experiment. These are just a few ideas for supporting...

/ July 5, 2016

The créche that built a family

Emily is a 31-year-old mother of two boys under three. Her first blog post in March 2015 went viral, reaching more than one million people in a few days. Emily is the New Zealand Herald’s parenting columnist, and parenting columnist for...

/ July 1, 2016