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Introducing Learning Trends!

Educators are phenomenal people. They’re scientists, musicians, paramedics, counsellors, negotiators, leaders and strategists, all at any one given moment. Based on your guidance and the guidance of our partners and expert advisors, Storypark is excited to release our latest development, Learning...

/ November 23, 2014

Open-door learning in Japan

Writing from Japan, Storypark’s partners talk about local education and how the innovative practices of Tokyo Community School are supporting their educators and children. The Tokyo Community School is an internationally-minded Elementary School with a “doors-wide-open” policy that encourages people...

/ October 6, 2014

Walking alongside a teacher’s career

Sharon Carlson has worked as a Kindergarten teacher, Head teacher and consultant. In this blog post, she talks about reporting and assessment in teaching and the launch of Storypark’s new teacher portfolios. As teachers, we have to show evidence of...

/ October 6, 2014

Musings on teachers’ professional learning and Storypark

The following post has been written by Joce Nuttall, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education and Arts, Australian Catholic University and advisor to Storypark. It offers some provocative questions, astute observations and interesting ideas for educators.  I have a passionate interest...

/ July 8, 2014

Pam Cubey, on schemas and the delight in understanding children’s learning

I still feel that young children are totally enchanting.  I find myself observing them with delight, and reflecting on what they are doing and thinking about as they play . – Pam Cubey Where to start with introducing Pam Cubey? With...

/ April 15, 2014

Early childhood education through distance learning – so how does that work then?

The Early Childhood service of Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu, New Zealand’s correspondence school, was looking for a bridge between new technology and what they knew all children needed to learn, through hands-on, full sensory experiences. Storypark fitted the...

/ February 20, 2014

Grounded questions, rich stories, deep change

Grounded questions. Rich stories. Deep change: Mark Strom See the talk on YouTube.

/ April 28, 2013

10 Great Apps for Early Childhood Development

Education is on shifting ground as technology has made it possible to connect, record and educate children with more and more exciting tools. With so many tools and apps available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Many “educational” apps...

/ November 29, 2012

Latest Storypark features save teachers time

We are very happy to announce our latest software update that will make it easier for you to use Storypark ePortfolios. Thank you for sending us your feedback about our last release and we are glad to hear that you...

/ November 20, 2012

Storypark e-portfolios increase parent engagement

It is well known that a strong parent community is an asset to any school A well functioning parent community completes the loop between teachers and children enabling everyone to be more informed and connected. For children, being able to...

/ November 12, 2012