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Sonya was born in Lower Hutt and went to Rata Street Kindergarten and Petone Kindergarten. A qualified ECE, she studied at Victoria University in Wellington and has worked with home-based educators, in community-based childcare and in kindergarten. With childhood memories of reading books and writing stories, combined with her passion for all things social media, Sonya segued into her role with us at Storypark as social media manager.

Trade secrets of early childhood educators

Every occupation has its own trade secrets. We are lifting the lid on 10 little known facts about early childhood educators! In our heads, we high-five ourselves when we make it to the end of a book without interruptions. It’s the teachers equivalent of an olympic gold medal. Legendary status, a historical moment reached by few. In public we secretly...

/ January 23, 2017

Supporting children to be charitable

Christmas can be a time when the focus can be on the giving and receiving of gifts, but it can also be a time where we help to instil in children a developing sense of empathy for others less fortunate, an opportunity to be charitable in meaningful ways. Donating money to a charity is a fantastic thing to do, and...

/ December 19, 2016

Resources to support children after an earthquake

A large earthquake is an extremely terrifying and unsettling act of nature that even we as adults, can find impacts on us in the days and weeks afterwards. It is only to be expected then, that children of all ages can also be affected in a range of ways. It is hard to know exactly how each child may process...

/ November 13, 2016

Easy, healthy and delicious food for young children

It can be a tireless task coming up with fun and interesting ways to present nutritious meals, but these recipes are all easy, healthy and delicious food for young children. Eating food involves not only taste, but also smell, sight, taste and sound, and these suggestions of foods for children (and adults) are sure to delight all the senses! Most...

/ October 10, 2016

Toddlers and the lessons we can learn from them

Toddlers are magical, mysterious, mischievous, and interesting characters. If emotions were seasons, toddlers would certainly live up to the saying “four seasons in one day“, except there would be many, many seasons that unfold in any day. They have mountains of energy, and they are the most determined beings, which all amounts to a lot of laughter, tears, and adventure....

/ September 28, 2016

A recipricol learning community at Midlands Kindergarten

Midlands Kindergarten is situated in central Ballarat, Victoria. It is one of 24 learning services managed by ECKA (Eureka Community Kindergarten Association). “We have 95 families attending our service.  We have two four year old groups and 2 three year old groups.  Here at Midlands we see value in teaching children through the use of an inquiry mode and are...

/ September 21, 2016

The Damage of Gender Stereotypes At a Young Age

Parents gender stereotype their children before their baby is even born. If it is going to be a boy the room is painted blue and has airplanes, if it is a girl it is pink with princesses. Ironically Gender Spectrum report that at the beginning of the 19th century the opposite was true and blue was considered more feminine while...

/ September 20, 2016

Shyness in early childhood with Dr Robert Coplan

Developmental psychologist Dr Robert Coplan from Carleton University in Ottawa, discusses shyness in early childhood. What is shyness, and what are some strategies for supporting shy children?

/ September 17, 2016

Creating a sense of belonging for families in childcare spaces

How to create a sense of belonging for families in childcare spaces As educators, we have a solid understanding of the importance of helping young children develop a positive sense of belonging in early childhood and at our learning service. It’s our knowledge, strategies, skills, and confidence that help children feel safe, learn and thrive in their early years.  However,...

/ August 17, 2016

Daybook Options

So much can happen in a day in an Early Childhood learning environment. That can make it tough to update parents about what has gone on, especially when parents are arriving and leaving at the end of the day. So many services like to provide a Daily Diary, providing a snapshot of the activities, learning and adventures that have taken...

/ August 16, 2016