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Hilary is passionate about not-for-profit organisations and has worked as a volunteer early childhood teacher in Latin America.

Storypark is a values based company

Our Values Stronger together We include, respect and generously support each other through the good and the bad. It takes a village. Children at heart We are a playful bunch and consider the impact we create for children in everything...

/ February 13, 2017

How imaginative play helps children learn

Many of the memories I have of my childhood include my two older sisters, who are close in age to me, and we played together often. On weekends and school holidays we would distract ourselves for hours, often outside on...

/ January 18, 2017

Children and technology

The use of technology by children has changed rapidly in a short period of time. Many children as young as 3 years own their own devices, but how are they using this technology and what sort of learning is happening...

/ January 15, 2017

Art explorations for early learners

Art is often about the process, rather than the product – which is particularly important to remember when doing art activities with young children. As early childhood educators, we’re all familiar with the idea that if the end products all...

/ January 5, 2017

Supporting an effective transition to school

The end of year is a busy time for everyone, so we’ve prepared a few practical tips from experts to help you save time and create the best outcomes for children. In the run up to holidays children are excited,...

/ December 5, 2016

Taking LEAD childcare to the next level – improving quality outcomes for children and families

This blog post is written by Michelle Tuffley from LEAD Childcare. We have 15 services throughout Queensland and have been using paper-based documentation to record children’s learning for many years.  In July 2016 we made the decision as an organisation...

/ December 4, 2016

More exciting science activities for young children

Our team of early childhood educators have created a new range of DIY science activities for you to try with your children, at home or in your centre. For more early learning inspiration, subscribe to the Storypark YouTube channel <=

/ November 28, 2016

Yoga and mindfulness for children

Yoga and mindfulness are so valuable for both children and adults alike, especially children who have experienced trauma. For our early learning web series Mat Time we caught up with Nicky, who has taught yoga to refugee children in refugee...

/ August 22, 2016

The Gut-Brain Connection (Nutrition in Early Childhood)

Ask many children today where they think food comes from and their answer will be ‘the supermarket’. Whole food eating for families is one of the best things we can do for children to have a healthy diet. A good...

/ August 10, 2016

Mat Time chats at the 53rd Annual ECNZ Conference 2016

Did you attend the 2016 Te Rito Maioha conference this year? Missed some talks that you really wanted to see? Well we’ve got that for you! Watch this highlights reel of some of the fabulous speakers who presented. And while...

/ July 24, 2016