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Daniel Donahoo is the Senior Advisor, Innovation at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. His work there explores the intersection of play, narrative and technology specifically as it relates to the lives of children and young people. Daniel is the author of Idolising Children (UNSW Press, 2007) and co-author of Adproofing Your Kids (Finch, 2009). He has worked for two decades in creating, exploring and understanding technology in children's and families lives.

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How can we better understand and support young children’s digital experience through play?

For two decades I’ve talked, explored and tried to better understanding the role of digital technology in children’s lives and how that relates to early childhood education. And, over that time the presence of digital technology in all of our...

/ June 19, 2020

Using the right avenue to engage with vulnerable families

Around three years ago, in an early learning centre, a child was placed under a protection order to attend five days a week because the child’s mum was unable to adequately support his learning and development. This is a scenario...

/ June 28, 2016

Unexpected benefits at Goodstart Early Learning, Mosman

  The unexpected benefit was the improved relationships with my team and our growth in professional development. I have been with this team for nearly four years, but in the last year those relationships have really grown through Storypark. It...

/ May 4, 2016

A whole new way of engaging with families at Bambini Worongary Childcare

   “I’m also a parent – I saw Storypark as a great tool for families. I was at the centre, working in the industry and still not reading what my child was doing. Storypark is perfect because at 10pm I can...

/ May 3, 2016

Improved communication has meant the need for less documentation at Royal Children’s Hospital Early Learning

“Storypark has cut down our documentation by half. It allows us to focus on relationships with children. There are no daily diaries, instead parents get to see, in real-time, the natural and genuine nature of the program.” – Courtney Caligiore, Educational...

/ April 20, 2016

Storypark has changed our world at Bribie Island Community Kindergarten

      “The biggest benefit to our children has been that their parents engagement in their learning has increased. Overall, the children’s and the staff engagement with Mums, Dads and each other is amazing. They are all having discussions...

/ April 13, 2016

100% parent involvement at Killara Park Preschool

KU Killara Park Preschool has embraced innovation. They have worked closely over several years with Dr. Kate Highfield, an early years and technology expert, and they have thought a lot about how technology can fit within their play-based philosophy.  ...

/ April 6, 2016