Introducing parents to the Storypark for Families app and setting expectations for how you’d like them to communicate with you can ensure a smooth transition to Storypark and richer engagement!
But where do you start if you haven’t used the Families app before? Here are four key features of the app you’ll want to know about to support collaboration and engagement with your families.


We’ve designed Moments specifically for parents to use from home, to capture and share a child’s special moments with the rest of their family and educators.

Moments consist of photos or videos, and a caption. Parents can then easily share these. If they share them with you as an educator, you’ll be able to see them on the child’s profile.

Prompted Responses

Sometimes parents are unsure how to respond to Stories. On the Families app if a parent clicks to ‘love’ a Story, they also get some sentence starters pop-up to help them respond:

For more on the research and thinking behind these prompts, see here.

Community Posts

As well as your centre, each room you set up has its own community space. Some services also set up a ‘parent sharing room.’ This is just a community area with the permission settings adjusted so that parents can make their own community posts and respond there as well.

Child Notes

Educators and parents can create child notes as a way to share and communicate a child’s aspirations, strengths and opportunities. They are private to the child’s Admin family members and educators, so they can be a great way to encourage dialogue and support the child’s development.

At Storypark, we are always interested in continuing the conversation about the importance of family engagement and the benefits that come from richer sharing. Feel free to join us at our next family engagement workshop or leave a comment below.

Posted by Bernadette

Bernadette is part of our Customer Success team at Storypark. One of her earliest memories at kindergarten is declaring to the class that reading was too hard so she wasn't going to learn - whoops! She really enjoys helping educators and families get the most out of Storypark.

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