Month: July 2018

Chapter books for young children

‘One more chapter! Just one?’ My son was two-and-a-half when he discovered the pleasure of listening to an adult read a chapter book to him, and the corresponding pleasure of begging for ‘just one more’ when that adult came to...

/ July 22, 2018

Making Small Feel Tall: The Early Childhood Classroom at a Child’s Eye Level

Imagine being a pint-sized person just under a meter tall. You know, child-size. Now imagine how the world looks from this vantage point: Everything is always (literally) over your head. You can’t look people in the eye.  You have no...

/ July 16, 2018

Sustainability tips for ECE leaders

Currently, we are over-using the earth, and that’s a worry. Our buy now, think later mindset is creating a world where we will shortly start to run out of resources. Role modeling is a very effective teaching strategy and one...

/ July 15, 2018