However you choose to celebrate the holiday season in your family, it is often a time for fun, food, family and excitement.

But for many families, budgets don’t stretch to anything extra for young families during the holiday season. As adults, we know that we want to help, but sometimes it’s hard to know the best way to go about it.

In Storypark’s home city of Wellington New Zealand there are several organizations that take donations of food and gifts which help families to make whatever they choose to celebrate an exciting time for children. Organisations like this exist in many places, and many will provide a list on their website of food and household items that they need most.

This year, on behalf our all of Storypark users, in an effort to give back to our community, the Storypark staff became elves for a day. We purchased the most requested items on the Wellington City Mission‘s website, as well as a selection of children’s books, toys, games, and resources.

Then we got to work assembling gift baskets, imagining the children who might be receiving them. It was an enjoyable morning creating parcels with art sets, books, puzzles and board games, and thinking about the experiences the families who received them would have.

We busily scampered around, choosing more than could possibly fit in our baskets (but we tried to make it fit anyway).

Various discussions ensued about the best method of wrapping an overflowing basket of goodies.

The hardest part of choosing the food items was getting the right balance between ‘delicious’ and ‘useful’.

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to do something special for our community of educators, children and families. But instead of sending you all something small, we decided to donate something special to children and families on your behalf. Last year, we donated to those affected by the Kaikōura earthquake on behalf of our Storypark users, and this year we chose another equally valuable cause. As a social enterprise, we thank all of our users who help us enhance quality outcomes for children and families around the world.

Posted by Hilary Cook

Hilary is passionate about not-for-profit organisations and has worked as a volunteer early childhood teacher in Latin America.

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  1. Wonderful! Merry Christmas and HappyNew Year to you all!


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