Here at Storypark HQ, we’re an eager, creative and caring bunch of people. Not surprisingly, many of us have an education background, and are passionate about advocating for children’s learning and well-being.

This has come through very strongly in our latest addition to the team, Megan, who has been an early childhood educator for 10 years!

Megan was born in Upper Hutt, New Zealand and spent her early childhood years there, attending Birchville Kindergarten, before moving to Raumati South.

She has vivid and positive memories from her time in kindergarten, a favourite being the glitter covered play dough cakes given on birthdays.

She continued on to get her Bachelor of education at Victoria University and shared the glitter play dough cake tradition. Happiest when she is busy and helping people she is now part of the Storypark team as office manager. If you’re calling us up, or sending us an email – it’s highly likely you’ll get to say hi to Megan!


Posted by Hilary Cook

Hilary is passionate about not-for-profit organisations and has worked as a volunteer early childhood teacher in Latin America.

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