There are some things that are very particular to early childhood educators. Those things that “others” just don’t understand…

Storypark-teachers-9 You would be hard pressed to find electricians who receive hugs when they arrive at work. Storypark-teachers-7

Gift wrapping stressing you out? Know an early childhood educator? You can bet they are able to find the missing end of your cellotape in under ten seconds.


Every large group of adults on an outing has one or two “stragglers” or “wanderers”. Be safe on such excursions by taking an early childhood educator with you. You will be sure to maintain correct numbers, especially in large crowds.


You know the song, the one that will live in your head for all of eternity? It’s part and parcel of being an early childhood educator.


Couriers, joggers, or people chasing runaway dogs…no matter the reason for their running, you consistently have to fight the urge to call out “walking feet” in an authoritative “teacher voice”


No outing to the beach is ever complete without taking the opportunity to forage and find natural resources for your learning service. Your boot is regularly full of bags of these treasures. Often they sit there for weeks!


Nobody loves laminating quite like an early childhood teacher! A new chart? Laminate it! An inspiring quote? Laminate it! A selection of photos? Laminate them!


Aiming your bottom at seats that are too low and too small are what you are skilled at. And at the end of the day, when you sit in an adult sized seat, wow does it feel good!


Lego, felt pen lids, and small rocks on regularly end up in your washing machine.


Wine and chocolate can be seen as bartering goods. They often exchange hands as an acknowledgement or thank you for the wonderful things you do on a daily basis.


Early childhood educators almost always have coloured fingernails and palms. It is hard to avoid, so must be embraced!


There are numerous theories and methods to extending the life of play dough. You probably know all of them!


If the brand you know works, stick with it! Literally.


The sand from sandpits seems to have mysterious properties that differ to beach sand. It travels everywhere!


You regularly engage in serious conversation about all things magical and mystical.



There are not too many professions that this is true for!


“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” (or woman’s). This saying could not be more perfectly fit, than for early childhood educators.


Glitter really is magical. It ends up everywhere, and travels for miles, and weeks even! There is no avoiding it, so it is best to just embrace it.

Posted by Sonya McIntyre

Sonya went to Rata Street Kindergarten and Petone kindergarten. She gained her Bachelor of Education at Victoria University in Wellington and has worked as an educator and manager in home based care, community based and kindergarten services.

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