As a parent I love being able to interact with my daughter of an evening over Storypark. 

My other children are now old enough to tell me about their day however Paige is only 20 months old, so she is unable to participate.

Since we started using the storypark phone app, Paige’s language has developed in leaps and bounds. Within a week of using it, Paige was able to name all of her friends in her room. 

We could have detailed conversations about her painting, who was helping her and what colours she is using.

Now three months on, our conversations have shifted from being encouraging her to repeat words and chat, to me now listening to her tell the story.

She will race to the lounge when we get home and asks for my phone, and she will point out who is doing what.

It has been a wonderful to witness her language blossom in such a short time.

Mel, parent


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