New features in Storypark are enabling better peer support and helping educators document evidence of their individual progression.

imageEducators now control who has access to their private ‘Teacher Portfolio’, enabling them to invite mentors, peers or managers as they wish. Invited people can comment on their private portfolio, nurturing their professional development and supporting them in their day to day work.

Teacher-only stories enable evidence to be recorded and linked to Registered Teacher Criteria or National Quality Standards. Progress can then be observed over time via the new individual ‘Teacher Reports’.

Centre Administrators can also choose to set Story Approval mode so that approval is given by a peer or head teacher as well as or instead of the Administrator. This lets ‘buddies’ work together by proofing each other’s work before posting out to parents and families, great for new teachers or teachers who might not be as confident in their communication.

For more information, see:

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