This kind of statement is something you’re probably familiar with – often recited by proud parents or family about their child.


It’s kind of the same for us at Storypark. As the year wraps up we’re reflecting on everything we’ve learned and how we’ve grown this year.

Over the last 12 months Storypark has:

  1. launched ‘Teacher portfolios’ – individual portfolios that travel with each educator, enabling them to gather evidence that links to Registered Teacher Criteria , National Quality Standards, Tataiako, or other customized criteria a centre, group or regulator might wish to observe.
  2. released ‘Learning Trends’ – analytical tools to build understanding and inform planning processes. Look at a child’s progress over a selected period of time, ensure there are no gender biases in your observations by comparing the learning of boys vs girls, ensure no child is left behind and deepen your planning and reflection.
  3. created ‘Learning Sets’ to help educators create links to learning that work for their exact practice, philosophies and curriculum, and aptly describe learning to parents.
  4. supported important transitions. Each child’s Storypark community travels with them from birth to any age. To make sure Storypark is accessible for all families we’ve made access completely free for parents. Before, during and after their child is involved in ECE or school.
  5. made reporting and documentation easier for teachers. Storypark’s new story editor makes creating stories quick and easy, and ensures stories look professional on any computer or device. Voice dictation means you can speak to your phone or tablet and Storypark will type the story for you. Drag and drop images, text, video and PDFs and use ‘story approval’ mode to double check stories from educators before they’re published.
  6. Made printing learning stories easy and enabled parents to print beautiful photo books of their child’s learning.
  7. helped record children’s voices by enabling voice recording. Capture the sound of a child’s voice as they reflect on their learning, or hear spoken comments from Grandparents or family.

Thanks to the 30,000+ people in 103 countries who have signed up for Storypark this year, our expert advisors, our partners, our Mum’s and our families. Together you’ve helped us shape everything we’ve done.


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