Storypark is partnering with  Accelerating Auckland in pursuit of our shared commitment to improving outcomes for children.

Accelerating Auckland works to increase digital capability in under-served communities where it is most needed by connecting communities, public and private sector entities to support local success.

We connect young people to the digital world through hands-on activities showing how digital tools fit in everyday life. We believe increased digital access and skills will directly impact improved success at school and access to skilled work …….as the pathway to prosperity
says Accelerating Auckland’s Manager Judy Speight.

Under the Accelerating Auckland umbrella, there are three workstreams that support this link between digital capability and community well-being:

• Digital Foundations – supporting effective digital practice in early education

• Geek Camp – free digital school holiday programmes

• Park Jam – free digital community events.

Wimageith funding from Auckland Council, the Digital Foundations programme was launched in June 2014 and is now undertaking a pilot supporting 7 south Auckland early learning services to increase their digital teaching and learning capabilities.

Storypark is proud to be providing our technology to help support this initiative.

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