It is well known that a strong parent community is an asset to any school

A well functioning parent community completes the loop between teachers and children enabling everyone to be more informed and connected. For children, being able to share and reflect on their experiences with loved ones extends their knowledge and improves learning and development.

For today’s parents, a quick word with the teacher while picking up or dropping off their children is often the only time they have to touch base about their children’s learning. Parents love to hear about their child’s development and children whose parents are engaged are much more likely to thrive.

Setting up an environment that welcomes parent engagement is key

Early childhood teachers know that children have better learning and development when their families are engaged. Technology has made it easier to connect as we are now able to go where the parents are and make it easy for them. With 20 years of teaching and parenting experience, City Kids Supervisor Amanda sees the benefits of using technology at her busy child care centre…

Storypark has really helped to further engage our parents in their child’s learning. The immediacy of the stories has meant that parents can make comments, often while they are at work. This has also given a new motivation to teachers to write stories, having such an appreciative audience. When we used only paper portfolios the time lag between the story happening and when the parents read it, took away much of the spontaneity and relevance of the learning taking place.

In some instances Storypark has supported us getting to know families that have busy lives and don’t always have time to talk when they drop off or pick up their child. They have communicated via Storypark, commenting on their child’s story, and even added stories from home, giving us a better appreciation of what interests and relationships the children have outside the centre.

Storypark makes it simple for teachers and caregivers to record and share special moments in a child’s day. When a child’s Storypark page is updated with a new story, an email is automatically sent to parents and family keeping them plugged into their child’s learning.

Want to learn more? Have a look at our website or drop us a note. We are happy to help you make the most of Storypark.


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